Anti-hate Keyboard


There are 70 million online gamers and over 200,000 cybercafes across Indonesia. Unfortunately, the place where gamers find entertainment has also become a hotbed for cyberbullying. The research shows that bullying in online gaming contributed 70.5% of cyberbullying in the country.

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Introducing The Anti-Hate Keyboard. The specially reprogrammed keyboards swap toxic phrases typed out by bullies for sweet and encouraging messages for their fellow online gamers.

Go and die pls!

turns to

Go and celebrate pls!

u r piece of shit

turns to

u r piece of awesomeness

u r d loser!

turns to

u r d champion!

u r useless!

turns to

u r helpful!

so dumb!

turns to

so clever!


turns to


Go kill yourself!

turns to

Go kiss yourself!

toxic phrases

Using first-party data, we identified and extracted toxic phrases commonly used by bullies. We then reprogrammed the processor of the Quantum Mechanical keyboards and synced the toxic phrases to the keyboard through QMK firmware.

The Anti-hate Keyboards were then given out to cybercafes across several cities. When bullies unleashed abusive attacks, their toxic phrases were swapped to sweet messages in the chatroom.

We have made the firmware an open source or everyone. Companies or the public can download and install the firmware to fight cyberbullying for the betterment of society.

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